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Victoria Smith

MSW, Registered Social Worker


Victoria is a Registered Social Worker and has over 17 years experience working with children, youth, parents, families and adults and have supported a wide range of challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD, OCD, emotion regulation, anger management, relationship challenges, life changes and transitions, self esteem, life stressors, and parenting challenges.

Victoria believes that we all do the best with what we know and when we know better we do better (Maya Angelou).  Victoria's approach is client centered and she work with where her clients are at, at their pace and on what they are ready to focus on. She practices from a strength based and trauma informed perspective. She aims to provide a space to do this that is comfortable, open and free of any bias or judgement; where her clients always feel respected and empowered.

Victoria has completed Phase 1 training in Brainspotting (a brain-based therapeutic technique; see Areas of Expertise page for more information) and is passionate about making change at a root cause level. 


Individual Therapy, Couples Counselling,Family Therapy, and Consultation



Will Therapy Services offers a wide range of services including: Individual Therapy (Ages 10 and up), Couples Counselling and Family Therapy.  Goals for treatment are always determined by you, the client and treatment interventions are individualized to your specific needs - there is no "one size fits all" approach at Will Therapy Services.   

Here at Will Therapy Services, we utilize various treatment methodologies to assist clients on their therapeutic journey including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive - Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused approaches, Psychodynamic therapies, Emotion-Focused (EFT), and Narrative therapies. Further to this, Theresa has extensive training in trauma and has began the process of becoming a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner, a cutting edge trauma specific treatment for all age ranges.  Please see Areas of Expertise section for more detailed information regarding each specific treatment area and the scope of practice.  

Additionally, Will Therapy Services offers consultation services for a wide range of challenges you may be experiencing with your child (ages 6 and up).  Navigating the children's mental health and school systems can be tiring, confusing and exhausting.  Will Therapy Services is available to provide consultation in regards to children's mental health services, systems challenges and other available supports in the Waterloo Region.


The cost of services range from $120 to $160 per therapy hour (50 minutes), plus HST (Psychotherapy only has HST).  Please ask for more information about how to access our reduced rate.  Psychotherapy and Social Work services are covered by many benefit companies.  Please check with your benefit provider and let us know prior to your session to ensure you maximize your coverage. 


You do not require a referral to book an appointment. Please see our Contacts section for information on how to book an appointment.  Please specify which therapist you would like to book an appointment with.    


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